Sandra Ung’s Statement On the Hate Crimes in Georgia

Last night, our hearts broke with the families of the women who were murdered in Atlanta tonight - the victims of yet another act of hate against Asian Americans. I hope the swift action of the police will lead to true justice for the victims.

This isn’t an isolated incident - it’s a trend. Since the pandemic broke out, Asians across the United States have been forced to fear for their safety. We’ve seen individuals slashed on subways and elderly individuals viciously pushed to the ground to never regain consciousness. We’ve also had people sling racial slurs, hate speech and verbal abuse at us. Despite hate crime overall declining by 7% nationally, hate crimes against Asians have surged 149% in the past year - a staggering number. 

We must do more to stop the vicious cycle of violence affecting our communities, and we should take an all-of-the-above approach to doing so. Schools need to add anti-bullying and anti-hate lessons to their curriculum in order to tackle centuries of stigma and discrimination against Asians. Education campaigns like the ongoing one by NYCCHR are commendable, and should be doubled down on - the federal government should learn from NYC’s efforts on this. 

We also need concrete action. On the municipal level, the Hate Crimes Prevention Initiative, which allowed several nonprofit organizations to take reports of hate crimes, must receive funding and include Asian community-based organizations. We must also establish both a hotline and website for reporting hate crimes to law enforcement. The state does operate a website to report hate incidents to the State’s Division of Human Rights, but the website remains untranslated ( - that should immediately be remedied. 

The Asian American Bar Association of New York (AABANY) also highlighted the need for prosecutors to take into account circumstantial evidence of hate motivation. Crimes that are potentially motivated by hate should be investigated as such, rather than simply defaulting to treating them as assault.

I also echo AABANY’s calls to make the Asian Hate Crimes Task Force permanent, and for greater diversity in the police and judiciary. Indeed, NYPD Command should prioritize hiring Asian Americans and other underrepresented groups so that our community’s interests, like increased interpretive services at local precincts, are reflected in the NYPD’s priorities moving forward. 

But I recognize that perhaps none of these would have stopped the atrocities that occurred in Georgia last night. For that, we need real gun reform on the federal level to stem the flow of guns moving into the hands of those who would do our communities harm. We must all work with our federal representatives to make sure that these reforms pass. The government must act to stem the rising tide of hate.


Contact: Alexander Hart

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By the way,    Sandra Ung and Carlina Rivera Discuss Our Public Hospital System

(Zoom) City Council Candidates Sandra Ung (District 20) will be joined by Councilwoman Carlina Rivera to discuss New York City's hospitals and their response to COVID-19. This is a part of an ongoing series hosted by Sandra to give space to women leaders to discuss their areas of expertise.

WHAT: Chats with Sandra: Carlina Rivera and our Public Health System

WHO: Sandra Ung

            Councilwoman Carlina Rivera

WHEN: Thursday, March 18, 2021


Meeting ID: 940 7614 8061

Passcode: 124096

TIME: 6PM-6:30PM

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