Contestant No. 34, Clara Tu, strongly supports 17 Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations, endorsing item 17: Partnerships for the Goals


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 2021 Miss Asian Pageant in UN

Name: Clara Tu



May 2, 2003 Current 17, Will be 18 in May

Birthplace: Connecticut, United States


Height; 164

Weight: 120

Measurement: Chest: 33 Waist: 27 Hip: 35


Private boarding school

Phillips Academy Andover

Class of 2021, Andover, MA


English, Chinese, French

High School Awards and Honors:

Music ARCT Performer's Diploma in Piano Intermediate Piano Pedagogy Diploma from RCM

Art Gold Key in Scholastic Art Competition in 2016

DECA DECA MA States in Human Resources Management

Debate and Speech: Received the Model UN Secretary-General Only Awards among 52 high school participants.

Leadership and works, activities:

  • Stem4Free / Director on Executive Board and Branch Manager
  • / Intern
  • Piano Village Foundation / Co-Founder/Teacher
  • Teacher and accompanist: 4 years of teaching experience in Music, Piano, Theory. Vocal and Instrumental accompanist.


Senior Class Rep, Lead Peer Tutor, Tang Institute Student Advisor, Andover Ambassador, Communications Coordinator for WAH Foundation, Bancroft Elementary Volunteer, Piano Teacher and Performer, YDO Ukulele, Symphony Orchestra Band, Student Alumni Representative, JV Squash, Manager of Boys Varsity Soccer, Drama Labs Director, Manhattan School of Music Precollege.

Co-Author of “Core Literacy Education Fundamental Curriculum through piano”

Major Music Achievements:

  1. From Royal Conservatory Academic Standard (RCM)
  • Achieved college level standard in her piano performance and pedagogy study from Royal Conservatory Music (RCM) Development Program
  • Accomplished ARCT (The Associate Diploma (ARCT) in Piano Performance achievement from RCM with honors)
  • Accomplished Flute in Level 6 , Violin in Level 5 from RCM
  • Elementary Piano Pedagogy Diploma with GOLD Medal awards
  • Intermediate Piano Pedagogy Diploma
  1. Pre-College student in Piano Performance major at Manhattan School of Music

From age 10- 9th grade (drop the registration to PA boarding school)

Awarded in the High honor roll and named in MSM high school Dean’s List at her 9th grade year at MSM.

  1. AP in Music received 5 in her 9th
  1. Multi talents at school orchestra and band

In Jazz band, conducting, Oboe, Organ, Flute, Violin, Ukulele

  1. Achieved from International Piano Competitions

         During her childhood: Major outstanding achievements

  1. As 6 Years old, featured on NBC Today Show as a child prodigy in Piano
  2. As 7 Years old, after three rounds of competitions, she was the Last two finalists and only one instrumentalist in the last round in “Kidz Bop Sports Jamz Talent Search”.
  3. By Age 7, she has completed with superior plus honors of the Sonatina Special Plaque Medal (Performed by memory of 15 movements of Sonatina pieces) Advanced Bach Special Plaque Medal (Performed 15 Two-Three parts inventions of Bach pieces) at this International accomplishments of Special Plaque Medals from National Guild of Piano Teachers one of highest level Programs
  4. Performed 3 times in Madison Square Garden NBA Half Time.
  5. As age 9, She was the Last finalist in 2012 Connecticut Got Talent and performed “Flight of the Bumble Bee”
  6. Won many First Prize, Second Prize from American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition, AADGT, Golden Key Piano Festivals, Elite International Music Competition etc.
  7. Played 16 times together in the Carnegie Hall, Beijing National Concert Hall, Lincoln Center and other venues.
  8. Gold Medal, First Prize achiever from Elite International Music Competition and also was named among Top 10 Performers. Featured in the cover page from 2016-2020
  9. First Prize winner from 2017 Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition and invited to perform Vienna (did not go due to school finals during the award ceremony time)
  10. First Prize winner in Crescendo International Music Competition 2018


  1. Major Medias

At 6 years old Featured on NBC Today Show, Fox News, NBC Connecticut, Channel 12 as well as other News Press.


Independent young woman with multiple Talents and remarkable achievements in her 17 years of life.

Several words to describe her as individual:

Confident, Bright, Sunny, Independent, Holistic, Modest, Caring

Specially in music performance, music education and arts achievements:

Clara Tu, Born and raised in Connecticut, Clara is a multi-instrumental (piano, oboe, violin, flute, organ, and ukulele, erhu) musician and music educator. She founded © Piano Village Foundation and co-founded ©Music Theory Express. She is currently studying at Phillips Academy Andover (2021). Due to her growing accomplishments in music at such a young age—having won numerous international piano competitions and performing multiple times on stages like Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Beijing Concert Hall, Madison Square Garden at NBA Half Time—she has been featured in renowned news platforms like the NBC Today Show, Fox News Connecticut, World Journal and other major media and publications. Beginning her training as a classical pianist, she later expanded her skills to practice in variety of styles like jazz, playing in chamber music and vocal accompaniment, and learning conducting during her studies at Precollege of Manhattan School of Music as a Piano Major. Since then, Clara is now one of the youngest students to earn the Associate of The Royal Conservatory (ARCT) Artist Diploma in Piano Pedagogy Elementary and Intermediate Level with a National Gold Medal and ARCT in Piano Performance at age 14.

Having played piano since she was 3, music is a powerful part of her life. As she states, “To me, music is an art—lyrical, harmonic, melodic, rhythmic, something that lasts throughout time. As something that can be understood between cultures, music is a connection from my heart to the world and my body is the form of communication between the two.” In addition to music, she invests her time into various other activities like art, earning the Connecticut Scholastic Art and Writing Award Gold Key in 2017. Her creativity allows an intensive and diversified learning experience. Understanding this valuable experience, she co-authored the CLEF Piano Method Textbook series and other music theory works to provide an easy and effective learning way for students to follow and learn, learning more with less time.



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