Contestant No. 39, Lucy Jin, strongly supports 17 Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations, endorsing item 5: Gender Equality


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Lucy Jin Self-introduction:


Ever since I was little, I loved to sing and dance. So, all throughout elementary school and middle school that is what I did. I did ballet for 7 years and participated in my dance studios Nutcracker performance as a party girl. Additionally, I did Chinese cultural dance for 2 years. I also played some instruments, such as piano, recorder, flute, and violin. In elementary school, I was part of the chorus and theater clubs at my school, where we performed “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare. Furthermore, I learned how to do tricks on the Chinese yo-yo starting in elementary school at the Chinese school I went to every Sunday. At this Chinese school, I was also able to be a teacher’s assistant for a first grade Chinese class and the Chinese yo-yo class. I loved the experience so much that I decided to help teach English at my cousin’s preschool in China. This experienced allowed me to obtain the Global Literacy Certificate at my high school. It showed my understanding of the importance of linguistic and cultural competence as well as acquiring skills necessary for communicating effectively with people across geographic, cultural and language divides. In addition, the certificate showed my deep appreciation and regard for diversity and the ability to interact respectfully with others at home and around the world.


I was also pretty active in athletics. It started with swimming at a very young age for fun, in which I continued throughout my middle school and high school years. In high school, I was on the varsity team by the end of my junior year and placed top 3 in some of the races that I competed in. I also was a part of the cross-country team and ultimate frisbee team in high school. During my time on the cross-country team, I was given the “Most Improved Award” my freshman year as I placed from one of the slower runners on the JV team to being one of the top three runners on the Varsity team. And then during my senior of high school, I, along with my team, won the state title with my fastest time of 20:12 minutes for the 5k run. Additionally, for the DCL championships, at the end of season meet with the towns around us, I placed 15th, and was awarded a medal. On the ultimate frisbee club at my high school, we competed with many different teams in the state. During my senior year of high school, I was the captain of the team and during the summer, I was part of the Boston Ultimate Disc Alliance team. I continued my frisbee career into college where we have competed at the national level and won the Centex tournament in Texas my freshman year. I am currently on the E-baord as a Fundraising Chair my third year on the team.


Some other hobbies that I have are exercising, sailing, windsurfing, snowboarding, cooking, reading, modeling, and spending time with my friends and family. I originally took lessons for sailing and windsurfing, where I learned to sail 6 different boats. As I continued to learn the skills and have fun sailing with my friends, I eventually was able to be a teacher’s assistant for the program. Modeling has always been an area where I can continue to grow my confidence and build a connection with my mom. I am a studio model for a small business and have participated in 2 fashion shows.