National Property Owner Protection Alliance 全美屋主维权联盟 Endorses Sandra Ung for City Council


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On May 1st, the National Property Owner Protection Alliance gathered in front of Flushing Town Hall and endorsed Sandra Ung in the race to replace term-limited Councilmember Peter Koo. Representatives from the Alliance, including Association President Michael Wang, proclaimed that Sandra Ung was the best candidate for small property owners in Flushing.

Sandra Ung thanked the Association for their support and said, "Small property owners, many of whom are seniors depending on rental income in their retirement, have struggled during the pandemic. Even as they've lost their only source of income, they have had to pay their mortgage payments and property taxes. This is an impossible burden. The city should move swiftly to help support struggling homeowners and property owners. I've proposed passing legislation to place a freeze on property taxes, for an elimination of penalties for late payment of property tax during the COVID-19 crisis, and for allowing property taxes to be paid in installments and would work to enact that if elected. "

Sandra Ung added, "We need to go beyond that, though. Our city is in dire need of more affordable housing, and there is an easy way to provide it: provide a path for basement apartments to be legalized. Right now, nearly 114,000 New Yorkers live in illegal basement/cellar apartments. Homeowners and landlords caught with illegal basement apartments can face fines up to $10,000, and the city can evict tenants nearly overnight. Who does this benefit? Nobody. By creating a city-wide program that gives property owners a pathway to legalizing their basement apartments, we can create a hundred thousand units of safe, affordable housing while also ending the onerous fines levied on property owners."

This endorsement shows a growing chorus of support for Sandra Ung in the community. She has already been endorsed by almost all elected officials, including Congresswoman Grace Meng, State Senator Toby Stavisky, State Assemblypersons Nily Rozic, Ed Braunstein and Daniel Rosenthal.


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Sandra Ung and Henan Association of USA Press Conference 黄敏仪与美东河南同乡会记者会
Flushing, NY City Council Candidate Sandra Ung will be joined by the Henan Association of USA for a major announcement. 法拉盛市议员参选人黄敏仪与美东河南同乡会聚记者会。
WHAT: Press Conference 记者会
WHO: Sandra Ung (City Council - District 20) 黄敏仪
Henan Association of USA 美东河南同乡会
WHEN: Sunday, May 2nd 五月2号
WHERE: Flushing Town Hall
TIME: 2:30PM (right after the Anti AAPI hate march finishes)
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