A letter from the mother of the universe to the children of the earth:  The catastrophe is approaching, do you know where God is? Where is Maitreya Buddha? Where is the Maitreya line? Have you found a savior? What will you do? Where will you be from now on?

Writer : Huang, Suiguang 


 Note:This article circulated on the internet for a long time, but also affected a lot of people, but not many people know the author of this article and the importance of this article in the legal community.In fact, this article is the "new Jade calendar treasure notes" editor Mr. Huang Suiguang (the photo above) wrote in 2013, and this article is also Mr. Huang's Longhua University research champion paper.

Heaven shows:experienced in the ancient middle and lower ancient 15,000 years later today, is the beginning of the advent of empty robbery, nearly a hundred years there are a number of famous prophets measured, from bad to empty phenomenon signs have these signs.:
1. To ugly as the trend.Women with open chest umbilical, shoulder, waist for fashion.
2. No surprise.The children and grandchildren as ancestors, respect the generation as slaves.
3. Privilege runs amok.Pa city, pa money, pa room, pa land, pa people.
4. God passed down the thousand years of Tao Te Ching:filial piety, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, faith, wisdom of the spiritual pillars fell a lot, today's people lack upbringing.To swear as a saying, to insult the person who has not been created by God.
5. All kinds of meat-addicted Yan Xi meal paved along the street, feasting, drunk a group of vertigo beings.
6. Corrupt politicians can't stop eating and drinking, serving themselves for self-interest, and not really taking charge of the people.
7. The spirit of all religions passed on by God—self-convergence, fraternity, compassion, ecstasy, dedication have changed the taste, the views of each religion prevailed, the taste of money dominated, monks wearing cassocks to engage in income-generating.
8. Shady trading is the sale of the soul,the right to trade with money,meat and money trading, by the gods, lost human dignity, like the walking dead!

YUlibaochao 01

The moral corruption of man is to the extreme.Heaven loves, people do not love themselves,see ugliness as virtue,see the truth repair as a fool,can not see the right and the wrong,can not distinguish between the truth and the false,such a world what is the appearance of heaven and earth?All kinds of dirty stench smoked to Elysea, black gas filled with a group of living beings such as ants.The Jade Emperor was shocked!God is shocked!God has decided to come forward to save all beings.
How dare her children tear off the will of God and call the faith of the ancestors a cult!When someone posts such explosive good news, they derogate it as a cult!This is an allergy!It's pathetic!If you drop a 100 yuan on the road,grab the blood; free to receive a 100 yuan, line up until dawn!Now in the face of the great disaster to lead all beings on the garden of bliss, actually very few people interested!It is a strange thing at the end of the robbery period!Don't dare to take the book in your hand!Notice on the wall,at the sight of the name of God, it is considered a cult!You see God as evil,then what are you?There is no sense of affection, which is like the emperor of God fetus!Someone tore at the sight of the notice, this is a fanatic!Criminals!God is the Lord of the universe, she created everything!Don't even have the right to use a wall?Even your people are created by her, she has the right to create and destroy!Despise and disbelieve the book of exhortation of the blood of God, called by the sound of blood and tears!They interfere with God's salvation of mankind with”power for greatness"!They are ignoring the lives of their people!They lack the minimum sense of people's livelihood!Man is the emperor of God, God and the people heart to heart!God is thinking every day about the suffering of mankind and the impending disaster,tears are dried up, the heart is broken!Her children do not recognize their ancestors!Numb!”Power for the big " put a large number of lack of awakening beings to the town, I do not know where to go.
In the book "The Beginning of Heaven", the five supreme power of the old man repeatedly stressed that this phenomenon should be reversed, but also the true nature of the universe.
From January 2011 to December 21, 2012, it is the examination period given to mankind by God.All beings in the world are accepting God's various test questions: test character, test understanding.For example, positive and evil, positive and power, heaven and man, beauty and ugliness, life and money and other social phenomena in all aspects of perception.God will never let her imperial fetus live a life of eating and drinking Lazar, cynical animals every day!God leaves a divinity Buddha planted in everyone's genes.For those who do not wake up, they need repeated reincarnation once and for all, and they exercise and grow in reincarnation.Each living being has made a full performance of its soul level, and God will judge you on your own fruit.All good people who can keep their heads clear and clean in the confusion of red dust should practice according to the Maitreya Gold line guided by God.
If the assessment fails, for the earth human“downgrade”is a difficult choice to make.If you continue to persevere, the only thing waiting for them is to choose to leave the Earth and go to other worlds to choose to rebuild (I think everyone wants to pass it at once,so I hope people can take this opportunity).On the eve of 2012, a letter from human parents to the children of the Earth, this letter is related to your future way of life, the world you live in, the future of all your loved ones and children, so you must read this letter very carefully, this letter is related to the survival of your life, seriously think about making the right choice.This is the boundary between the Dhamma period and the last Dhamma time, and the Earth will face the purification and impact of the oldest, purest and most frequent energy in the universe from December 21, 2012, which may be the rebirth of Nirvana and perhaps the destruction of the children of the Earth.At the same time you will truly understand that the meaning of life is to serve the public wholeheartedly, thus adding energy to your own life.The average life expectancy will reach 120 years, if through effective service to the public so as to enhance their life light, life will continue to extend, up to 360 years.
From December 21, 2012 began to kick off the rehearsal, with a short time to truly achieve the great transformation of the pure land of the world.The measure of a person's success at the end of the law is no longer how much wealth, but how much you have done for the public.Perhaps at the moment all of the above content let your heart and mind by a great impact, you feel incredible, Arabian nights.But children, as parents of your lives, tell you with the most sincere and responsible heart that all this is the truth and the reality.All the mysteries of the universe should be revealed to you clearly, and humanity has reached the threshold of life to be enlightened, accepted, borne, and sublimated, and must not retreat, must not doubt, and must not be missed.We have sent many messengers of love and light to Earth to deliver this previously important, reborn, life-and-death message, which is why you can now see this letter.
The opening of the new era, heaven and earth showing the unprecedented Vientiane will cause more and more people to think, the purification and impact of the long-standing pure energy of the universe will make more and more people began to wake up.When this beam of cosmic waves all reach the earth, only the mind out of the garbage, in order to survive with it in the same frequency resonance, the mind is still in the garbage, because the mind can not resonate with it in the same frequency, will disappear from the earth.You'd better not resist me,I have the backing of divine power.The profound wisdom of Shakyamuni Buddha, the great ideals of the Prophet Muhammad, the moral connotations of the ancestors of Lao Tzu, the love of Jesus for mankind, are all focused on me, whether you are a king and president, or a civilian criminal, no matter what great achievements you have made in the past, or what unforgivable sins you have committed, I will treat you equally.There is not much time, I tell you for the last time to put down all the persistence, do not attack each other, do not waste time to subvert a regime, do not insist that I am right, he is wrong.Do not think that only your faith is unique, and do not say blasphemy, for unhealthy language ultimately hurts you, not me.
The greatest classics are still the Buddhist Sutra, the Qur'an, the Tao Te Ching, the Bible, before you have read the four classics, it is best not to comment casually, because your wisdom is not enough, what you say is contrary to the contents of the classics, the vast majority of your knowledge is stuck in the surface phenomena of things fuss, do not see the larger part of the support below the iceberg, you feel that you are doing merit, but you have not thought, you may be precisely iniquity, I believe that you are out of kindness, But without great wisdom, good intentions are the easiest to do wrong.Do not draw a word or a passage from the Book to threaten to frighten others, let alone to frighten yourself, and come out of it and keep only the two sacred territories of Heaven and your parents.
I chaos Yuan early, like to be my soulmate, I am willing to be willing to make friends with me to issue a visa for life, at first sounds ridiculous, I do not know if you think, life is a natural antimatter structure, if our spirituality is sensitive enough, can enter a sesame grain, and then to the center forward negative 10,000 kilometers can understand the meaning of life, see the structure of life.Neither quantum mechanics nor superstring theory can explain the true meaning of life.
The true meaning of life is: what kind of mentality, what kind of life, what kind of way of thinking, what kind of life form, this is the truth, but also simple truth, understand this truth, you can fully understand the full meaning of life visa, life visa is an antimatter, it will be embedded directly into the antimatter structure of your life, accelerate the structure of your life to symmetrical perfect evolution, give your life structure covered with colorful aura, like Buddha light, protect you along the space-time tunnel to the high-level space of life.The existence of the soul is 100% truth, the soul is the real yourself, if you deny this truth, it is tantamount to denying yourself.Because the soul is an antimatter, so it travels through the universe is the speed of the negative universe, people do not understand before death, but in the moment after death, you will realize that you are not dead, you forsake the body, transferred to another ship of life, another carrier of life, began a new round of life voyage.I say that those whose hearts are still in the garbage will disappear from this earth, not that your life is over, but that your life on earth is over, that you will no longer have a chance to enjoy the sun, the sea, the white clouds and the blue sky, that you will say goodbye to your loved ones forever, and that you do not understand it now only until the moment after the death of the body, but by then it will be too late.
This article is true, you can from the point of view of science to examine the verification, from the point of view of the ancients left the prophecy (tips to carry out, the Three Buddhas) and astrological prediction to examine the verification (please refer to the Russian“Pravda”reported on October 2, 2010 "Martian Boy" Poliska prophecy verification), from the point of view of logical reasoning to examine the verification, from the point of view of the major religious classics to examine the verification, from the point of view of the various facts that have occurred to examine the verification.Who can see this article, that is his fate, after reading who enlightened, that is his blessing.
If anyone who resents this article, that he has not enlightened, after reading this article, passed to others or printed to others, or sent out by e-mail, do not be private, do not let others ' lives in your hands interrupt send, once you cut off this lifeline, you will pay a high price for the lives of others, this is a spell can not believe.If this article is good,you have received merit for spreading a good message, if you can repost this article to other websites, or published in newspapers and magazines, it is definitely a merit, there will always be a day in the future, you will understand that you have done this merit, will always benefit.The difference between heaven and hell.Why not do it with little effort!Each person sends ten copies of this book to acquaintances, can remember a power, pass more than remember, receive tickets to enter the new era.
God is me,the Lord of the universe is me, the Buddha is me, the Xian Zu is me.God is me, God is me.The word is me;virtue is me; God is me; infuriating is me; righteousness is me; promise mother is me; chaos at the beginning of the yuan is me, I am omnipresent; omnipotent, both literary and martial arts, heaven and earth I call the shots.The universe is in the chest, although the earth is in the hands of the big.Heaven and hell are subordinates,greedy and persistent quickly put down.Time is not too much,this is the last bus.I have said all that I have to say, and it depends on what you do.

Yulibaochao 02

Is such good news still blocked?Long-term separation of heaven and man, man lost the connection of the mother of the universe, can not find a way to free the cycle of life and death and distress.It turned out that we fell in the God-designed life compulsory examination room, our multi-life life states are in God's examination room ah.God sent 96 (billion) original spirits to earth, so that they can learn and accept all kinds of hone.According to the agreement: in this period of time, each person is free to develop, but responsible for their own planting due to the received fruit.
The claim that 2012 is the end of the world year is, in fact, the deadline for the assessment of humanity.Can meet the conditions rose to the Winter Solstice after the new era is the assessment by, can not meet the conditions of people to leave the Earth, reincarnation,to the low level of the planet to re-practice, to wait for 64,000 years after today there is such a choice opportunity, and may not be your turn, this is really“a mistake”.
Because God is the first God,is the supreme, so she created the 96 (billion) original spirit will not only let them meet the daily food and drink Lazar animal life, her imperial fetus is born with the divinity of the Buddha, after the acquired temper,in the will, character, perception, soul level should be improved.Because it was an examination room at that time, it was a secret.The long-term lack of information has led to human displacement and confusion.Because of the time difference between heaven and earth ah, resulting in humans forget their hometown.
God in order to save the original spirit of 96 return to the holy earth, let the heavenly Fairy Buddha sacred down to earth.And he sent down a Maitreya golden line and a bright path, indicating the direction of the world.If someone still thinks: this is heresy, is superstition.Then their choice is to leave the earth,there is no other way!Because they do not recognize the ancestors, refused to save the crossing, blame themselves.
2012 Winter Solstice day, just the end of the whole universe of reincarnation, humans on Earth in the red dust world honed after more than 60,000 years, to the moment of graduation.It is the time of choice for humanity to pass or be eliminated in the earth's ascending dimension.Return to the origin of the road,sire Zong, without millions of years of penance and step up to the sky!Avenue practice is really simple to easy.In order for humanity to ascend as a whole, it must be the great repair of humanity as a whole.If you are still killing life and eating meat, do not say that you are a loving person, do not hold the five precepts, please do not say that you are a practicing person.Every true practitioner should turn me as the center into others as the center of the overall situation, the indifference into enthusiasm, the selfishness into dedication, the“everyone for me”into“I for all.""Do not want to devotional, but also want to go the old way, it has to fall to the bottom of the universe planet, re-practice, start from the primitive people, fend for themselves."After more than 60,000 years to have this opportunity to enhance the universe as a whole!Time is running out.Time is tight.Life is in your own hands!
How do the practitioners on Earth behave in the face of empty robbery?Pure Land Buddhism with a sentence“Amitabha Buddha”read in the end, just temporarily suppressed distractions, and did not repair the heart.Read fatigue,drowsiness, no big set.The big set can come out of the big hui.Pure Land Buddhism coma recitation method, practice is obsessive-compulsive disorder, practice is the heart of merit, persistent to the Western paradise of food, persistent to no induction of unrequited love.Lack of great love, everywhere think that people are obstacles to themselves; lack of”innate worry and worry, the day after tomorrow's music and music "great mind;I do not know“no me, promising and inaction" the highest level of learning, did not communicate with Amitabha Buddha in the spirit,all day in the scope of self-figure:Amitabha Buddha when to pick me up?Do you have Seo-sang?What is the status of the same practice?Pure land, the situation is urgent, wake up!As for the practice of 108 rak'ahs a day, knocking 108 ringing his head, kneeling on his knees and prostrating in one step three, he has lost his mind and mind, and how can the quality of man be high?Did Christians connect with Jesus in the face of empty robberies?No induction instructions no contact.They pinned their hope on the yellowish Bible, on the salvation of Jesus, and they did not repair their hearts and make a conversion into sanctification.Firmly hold on to their portal and see how much fraternity they have left?What is the true and false weight of repentance?Islam was founded when God appointed her fifth son, Muhammad, to preach the law on behalf of God, and Allah in the Qur'an refers to God.The founder of Christianity, Jesus, is the son of God, Buddhism derived from Lao Tzu's "Tao Te Ching", is also fascinated by various denominations.Such as a school curriculum: mathematics, language, foreign languages, physics, chemistry can repel each other, destroy each other?Because of the loss of contact with the gods and buddhas,the confusion of thought,the childish and ridiculous behavior, is not a waste of life?As for those who can only say will not do, empty preaching theorists, ancestors saliva a lot,the original simple Buddhist theory to play mysterious and mysterious, deceive the world, a grain of sesame-sized sugar fermented into a hill for sale, on paper, do not dip the water of Dongting Lake dry will not stop.The new Buddha,the new law in front of the indifferent, do not learn, do not repair, do not spread.I have no great expectations for your stubborn behavior, but I hope that you will not slander it is already Amitabha Buddha.Slander the new Buddha,the new law I do not promise, I hope you respect yourself, do yourself well.In the face of such a status quo, the ancestor had to reveal after the human assessment that the creation of various religions is her role, at different times, different places to transmit her education and guidance to mankind.How can man separate the different periods of enlightenment, contradict each other and repel each other?It is mentioned in the Bhagavad Ode that the leaders have already returned to God, and that God is unified in charge of human salvation.God also assigned Maitreya Gold line to save mankind, ran to the sire, all mankind together, the unity of man and heaven unity of the reunion.To make the soul ascended to a high realm, and the five-dimensional Fairy Buddha sacred realm is similar, humans have the hope of being saved!The accumulation of positive energy becomes the driving force to promote the normal ascension of the earth, which is related to the great salvation of all mankind.Human consciousness should keep pace with the times, otherwise it will lose the opportunity to be saved!
New rules New Tao will be born, life double repair, is the requirements of the times.Jiulian Sheng taught to return to the superior, save the bitter heaven to save the world.Maitreya Gold line, on the Dafa ship, the great union of the return of the need to use a simple and effective way to cross people, Maitreya Gold line adhering to the Buddhist jurisprudence, Taoism, Confucianism self-cultivation, with the help of God's energy and liberation.The previous practice methods of various religions are no longer suitable for people, and the practice of dharma should keep pace with the times!If believers of all religions wait until now for their leader to deliver, pinning their hope of liberation from suffering on their leader, then they will miss the great salvation of the highest God in the universe.Because their leaders have completed the historical task, the God of the Universe took back the authority.
Now only all beings around the world together to save themselves, run to God's rescue ship, find God's special batch of Maitreya gold line practice,and seize the practice, quickly issued a great love, rapid enlightenment, in front of the air robbery, all mankind quickly unite, and strive to gather positive energy, this is the key to human survival!All religions can no longer have a portal!Worldly people can no longer dream of death,play with things!All mankind must be unified under the banner of God, must follow her special approval of the only degree of Maitreya gold line to practice, the formation of Datong practice momentum, bang up the five-dimensional, do fairy do Buddha, with the body to live the life of Sanctum.In order to persuade her 9.6 billion original spirit to return, God wrote a blood book, this is the Lingshan epistle, personally sent down to earth in the world.In order to prove that the new era of Maitreya after the winter Solstice is really Elysium, advised her imperial fetus to find Maitreya Gold line, set foot on the last class of French ship rescued, otherwise to fall to the low-level planet from the primitive start.It will take another 64,000 years to have such a chance to save the crossing.Drops of blood, sound call, call her imperial fetus woman quickly wake up, quickly escape this robbery.
Human ah, before the disaster quickly ran to God's rescue Dafa ship, quickly find Maitreya Buddha gold line!This is the only gold line that can be saved by God in the "〇 始天 运 " in the special grant,the time is too late!Return to the origin of the Cosmic Avenue,that is, sire Zong, return to the harmonious rich and long life of the magical new world, to achieve the fate of people, Maitreya Buddha in the positive five-dimensional new era to meet your new life!And the Western paradise is the negative spiritual world.Under the banner of God, all things are united, to the arms of the Mother of the universe; all things start again from the original 0: 00, in accordance with the operation of heaven, again and again.Pure land is obsessed with blind self-confidence, Christianity is obsessed with outdated promises, and the world is obsessed with materialism.The air robbery is approaching. Do you know where God is?Where is Maitreya Buddha?Where's the Maitreya Gold line?How do the various Buddhas, bodhisattvas and holiness work hard to save all beings?Did you find the savior?How will you do it?Where are you from now on?Now is the time for her to choose between the pros and cons!Are all those you see with your naked eye mortal?Because of human foolishness and stubbornness, God has already made the fairy Buddha in heaven holy to the next world, in different forms into the present people, they are performing the holy service for God, in order to save all beings busy, upside down on a merciful voyage.At the same time, they are also trained to meet the change of leadership in Elysea.
Now in the face of the disaster of the last robbery, God spoke: Is it not the responsibility of the governments of all countries?Is the press not responsible?Those who get the sky are not for the sake of the people, they have planted the bane for themselves,“is it fun to fight with the sky?"Is it fun to fight with the ground?"Heaven does not destroy people,people destroy themselves!"And heaven and earth will be damned, the results of the wrath of people destroyed, causing the earth to shake, ghost wailing, lightning thunder roar, water diffuse home, be careful not to fight no net worth of life and involved ancestors.
Humanity has to be prepared.An unprecedented disaster at the end of the law period, can not be avoided, advise people, be prepared for thought!How to choose death and new life?How to look at the relationship between man and the universe?How to do a man can be called a person?How do you cope when the robbery comes?What is your attitude when political turmoil occurs?When things mutate, all kinds of strange supernatural things appear, how do you think,how to do?Where are you when the dead pile up?Are you ready for emergency approaches and strategies?
It seems that this article scares you, it is really love you deep.This life of man, the big disaster sober thin, vertigo more.Do not make arrangements early,do not have sufficient sense of self-protection, can not have the ability to strain, how do you human face this biggest big robbery of a wide open heaven and earth!In order to save China, save mankind, please hurry to spread the voice of the creator, promote Datong culture, promote Maitreya holy karma, thank the creator's grace, carry forward the traditional Chinese filial piety, do not forget the great creation of human ancestors!In order to save China, save mankind, please quickly blow the horn of the times forward,correct the situation, do a know grace map reported Yan Huang children, to meet the new life of Chinese children, do promote human awakening example!The blood book of God with full of great love to save the pure land of Maitreya on mankind,with the blood book as evidence, called to mankind: after the winter solstice of Maitreya pure land,fairy bliss society is true, human happiness will be one step to the sky, one step in place!
Such an opportunity,more life and more robbery practitioners can not repair a few ah!As the saying goes:“people are not for themselves, every day.”Now full of gold Maitreya pure land do not grab before, it is to every day, reincarnated to a new round of ancient times, starting from the primitive people!
On February 15, 2013, Holy Light edited this article by order of her mother.
This article is taken from the New Jade Calendar treasure note》
For more information, please contact the following phone:
Taiyi Ancient Buddha Ben Ling Mr. Huang Suiguang:13802749250
Manjushri Bodhisattva Ben Ling Ms. Huang Tianying: 18577866050



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